Will Bomber Jackets Overtake the Fur Jacket Legacy?

Fur jackets are timeless — faux or for real — and the classic pieces come out to play every winter. As time goes on and generations alter, will they continue their legacy or, perhaps, be replaced? Bomber jackets are planning a takeover, and even mountains of slinky minks and faux rabbit heaven may not be able to stop them.

Topshop recently released a bunch of new MA1 style bombers for SS16 in following of its designer superiors, the likes of Acne Studios, Hunter Original, Saint Laurent etc. Repetition is hardly noticed anymore, and its widely excepted that our generation thoughtlessly recycles looks from the past. More often recycled than not is the bomber jacket, associated with the 80s and 90s but rooting back to the 50s (remember Grease!) In fact, that’s not even the full truth. The bomber began in the 40s, right in the inelegant, yet practical military. Indeed, the bomber jacket may have been around for a good while, but it only made it to the runway in recent years.

Topshop’s recent holy grail and my favourite SS piece at the moment: rusty shiny bomber.
H&M sleek and simple.
Hunter Original’s badged and embroidered silver bomber: a flash to the past.
Tommy Hilfiger’s playful pink bomber with striped finish.
Fendi almost batwing bomber.
Acne Studio extreme oversized.
Saint Laurent mastered all faces of the bomber: oversized rebellious leather and silk sophistication. 

Evidentially, bombers have overtaken this year’s SS style and, due it their all-season versatility, will most likely hold reign for much longer. Despite the beauty of fur, it does not have this versatility, and, as we proudly sport our bombers this summer, fur will endure a long hibernation.

Photos sourced from internet.

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